Friday, November 18, 2011

A Happy Accident :)


Wednesday is Mule’s standard day off normally I make him some cookies as a treat, but this week I changed it up and made cupcakes.

I whipped out my handy dandy $3 Wal-Mart icing bag to slather on some vanilla icing (Mule is not a fan of chocolate). Three quarters of the way through icing the cup cakes I ran out of vanilla. *Gasp* Fortunately I had a little chocolate left over from some cupcakes I made for a fellowship at church. I tossed a couple scoops into the icing bag, and this is what happened…

cupcakes 002cupcakes 003

They aren't the most perfect cupcake ever made, but I think the accidently look pretty cool! The really trick will be repeating this on purpose!

I put all kinds of effort into those little cups of cake, handed one to mule as he walked in the door with a “Hey Hunny! Look what I made you!” Only to be told he doesn’t even like cup cakes!

Oh well! I had a couple and he did end up eating a few. The rest got packed up and take to his work for the rest of the crew. At least I know that THEY like cupcakes!



In other news, Katy from Sweet Verbena is celebrating her 21st birthday and she wore some of my goodies at her birthday celebration/dinner! Go check them out :)



  1. I love how those turned out!! So cool. Who would have thought that'd happen?

  2. I agree...very cute. P.S. new follower plus I joined the hop

  3. Yummmmm and Yum coming by from Chasing Rainbow come by and say hi!

  4. Those turned out so cute! P.S. I can't believe your fiance doesn't like chocolate OR cupcakes! I'd die if I didn't have those things! Ha!


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