Thursday, September 29, 2011

Striped Envelope Pillow Cover



This was another one of my stash busting projects this month. It was perfect for using up lots of bits and pieces of fabric that I had left over from other projects.


I started by selecting fabrics that I thought would go well together. I wanted a some what cohesive look. Next I cut the fabric in to 2.5 inch wide strips of varying length.


I sewed the ends of the strips together to make 17 inch long strips. Laying them out on my work space I figured out where I wanted which pieces (I didn’t want the same pattern/color touching). Next sew the strips together. I was covering a 15 x 15 inch pillow so I ended up sewing together about 20ish strips. I allowed for 3/8th’s of an inch seam allowance.


You will need to hem the last strip on each side. Then with right sides together, you’ll need to fold the ends to meet in the middle.


Make sure that there is an overlap of 1.5 to 2 inches so that the back of the pillow is covered.


With a half inch seam allowance, sew the ends of the pillow cover shut and turn right side out.


Cover your pillow with your new cover and enjoy!


Mule loves this pillow! He usually snuggles (can you say “snuggles” about a grown man?) up with it when we watch TV together on his nights off. It definitely looks fabulous on the leather chair :)

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  1. I love this! If only I could sew...sigh. I would have these pillows everywhere. They are just so cute! Lorie @

  2. Great idea for using all those strippy scraps and turning them into a striped pillow!

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Bacon time.


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