Monday, September 12, 2011

Practically Perfect


What a practically perfect weekend :) This was the first weekend since I arrived in Texas that wasn’t scorching hot! And to make it even better Mule was off work!

On Saturday we went to Second Monday Trade Days, a Bowie tradition. There were TONS of vendors selling everything from tools to clothes to yummy treats.



I really wanted the black and white zebra striped one… but its not in the budget this month. *sigh*


Long Horns… one day I WILL have a gorgeous fire place and a pair of these WILL hang over top.



There were tons of thrifty scores and vintage/antique furniture. I fell in love with this trunk. But for now it stays where it is since all the “extra” money is going towards home improvement projects.


Inside the community center there was a whole bunch more vendors and one of my favorite finds of the day! Look at all the pumpkin loveliness! The Ladies from 3 Sisters Pumpkin Patch are so talented! They’ve been working their tails off to get ready for fall and they’ve done an amazing job.  They are working on getting their website up and running and when they do I’ll be sure to let you know :)


I’m afraid I may have found a new obsession… aren’t these Bottles gorgeous?? I have a million different ideas running through my head when I look at them. I especially love those little blue ones. Butch the Bottle Man told me some of the history of these bottles. He’s go some worth several hundred dollars!


This little bit of loveliness is over 150 years old!


Browsing through the hundreds of vendors was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Followed up with brunch and a nap and it was a Perfect Day!

Sunday I got to sleep in, do some cooking, a few home improvement projects and I started making hats like a crazy person. I’ve decided to focus on making my animal hats for the booth I’ll have in October. There will be other goodness, but in checking out the “competition” I decided that the best strategy would be to focus on what I make that is unique.

Well the weekend is over and its back to boring old Monday’s to do list…

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