Friday, September 16, 2011

I Dream of Bathrooms


Renovating the Bathroom is number 2 on my list of things to fix in this house. If I had $30,000 I’d gut the whole friggin house and start from scratch. Seriously! Wood paneling every-stinking-where you look! I have to be nice about what I say though, Mule’s Grandmother used to live here :s and her original “decorating” has NEVER BEEN CHANGED! One night I had a dream that I was being chased by whole sections of wood paneled walls *shudder*

But in order to pay for a certain major event (aka my wedding) next spring, renovating/decorating/getting rid of the awfulness is on hold.

So for now I dream and “pin” and dream some more…Beautiful-Bathroom-Ideas-Ambrosia-from-Pearl-Baths-2-550x412Beautiful-Bathroom-Ideas-from-Pearl-Baths-4-550x366Beautiful-Bathroom-Ideas-from-Pearl-Baths-550x439 bathroom-decorating-ideas-picturesBathroom-Painting-Ideasbathroom-decorating-ideas-407

As you can tell, I have no definitive idea of what I want in the main bathroom. Good thing I have 8 to 12 months to decide :)

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  1. i have a vintage (not in a good way) pink & black tile bathroom -- i feel your pain -- and i am semi-sorta-kinda planning a wedding -- someday maybe too... heh!

    thanks so much for stumbling on my blog and showing me some l♥ve!

    happily returning the bloggy ♥ and follow
    misadventures of a chunky goddess


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