Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh the things I need to do…


So I’ve decided to participate in a local monthly market.  Second Monday Trade Days usually have THOUSANDS of people visit! That means I have A LOT to do. Originally I was going to focus on making jewelry, but after see all the jewelry vendors there, I’ve decided to focus on things that I make that are a little more me and a not so common at the market. The biggest “collection” of items I want to feature is the animal hats that I make.


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These are the most popular ones that I make. I’m hoping to have 7-10 in each style of hat. That equals a TON of crocheting.

I’m also going to have some headbands that I’ve made. I am planning on making more since they are cute and quick to make.

.flowers 004flowers 017flowers 020flowers 032

If I find time, I’m also hoping to have some totes, some covered note books, Owl Taggies, regular Taggies and if I have time (that’s a BIG “if”) a baby quilt or 2.

I have 18 days… and a lot to do. Please forgive me if I don’t post everyday for the next couple weeks Smile

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