Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have a secret :)


OK well its not really a secret :) But saying it’s a secret seems to make it so much  more fun!

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a fall/Halloween swap hosted by Pink Stiches. But since I’m not much of a fan of Halloween, I’m going more with the fall theme.

I got an AWESOME swap partner named Meig :)


I hijacked this pic from her Facebook page :)

We hit it off right from the start and have become fast friends. Nothing like finding people that share your passions to connect with… even if we 2,000ish miles apart.

Meig blogs at global odyssey and at crafty girl squared, and I have to say, she is quite the talented chick!


Now Meig… if you’re reading this stop now! Go no further :)






If you’re not Meig, I’ve got a sneak peak of a few of the goodies I’m sending her way :)


owls...swap 003owls...swap 011owls...swap 007

Can’t wait to get this in the mail!

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  1. A swap sounds like fun - I've never participated in one. I am very curious to see what that silvery pleated creation is. I love seeing crisp pleats :-) Lucky Meig!


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