Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bad Mood Blues


I’m in a bad mood. A down right awful, hates the world, wants to stay in bed bad mood.


Why? you may ask…


Because the forecast is calling for rain this weekend. Lots and lots of rain! Rain the likes of which Texas hasn’t seen since the days of Noah and his freaking Ark!

Now living in the middle of Texas in the middle of one of the driest, hottest summers on record, you’d think I was all happy and giggly about rain. NOPE!! Its ruining all my plans!

I’ve been working day and night, giving up sleep, crocheting while puking (not really that would be icky), neglecting my blog and bloggy friends, coughing, and sewing, and drinking gallons of coffee for the past 3 weeks, all for naught! I’m supposed to be a vendor at the Second Monday trade days this weekend. You may have heard me mention it one or two of a billion times before, But its not just supposed to rain this weekend, its supposed to pour! And I unfortunately have an OUTDOOR booth.

Now I make some very cute stuff, if I say so my self, but even the most adorable of my things will not sell when covered in blue plastic tarps to keep it dry.

So I’m mad! and I want to scream and kick and hit something and throw myself on the floor and have a good, old fashioned, 2 year old tantrum.


I feel a little better getting that out of my system… but only a little.

But I’m a big girl. So I am going to go get some coffee, pay some bills, clean the house that has been sadly neglected for the past month or so, and get my groove back.

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