Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've got the best Mom-in-Law-to-be!!!

OK... I have to tell the world... My Mother-in-law-to-be is Ah-Mazing! Yesterday she dropped by with these...

2 MASSIVE bins of yarn :) I found it quite amusing that yarn very similar to what I have purchased in the past was $.92 compared to the $5.00+ I've paid. CRAZY!! I've got a bunch of projects in mind for all this goodness... that will keep me busy for a while.

Then today she popped by to drop this off...

Mule mentioned to her the other day that I needed a sewing machine, so when she came across this at one of the local thrift stores she grabbed it for me :) I'm in crafting heaven!! I get to go fabric shopping now :D

Stay tuned tomorrow...I'm going to tell you all about some jewellery I've been making. I love discovering new (to me anyways) craft mediums!

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