Friday, July 29, 2011

The above necklace came as part of a starter kit. Being new to texas I have alot of time on my hands (when I'm not cleaning, organizing, taking photos, doing laundry and planning the wedding) so I decided to try my hand at some jewelry.

It was alot easier than I thought and I ended up ignoring most of the "directions" and just making my own stuff.

It didn't take long before I was back at the craft supply store, scoping out deals and checking out different types of jewelry making ideas. Now I am not claiming to be amazing at it. The wire wrapped rings below are the first that I've made and there is some definite technique to wire wrapped jewelry, But I am having fun :)

This ring is definitely my favorite :) I haven't taken it off since I made it this morning!

I think I am going to add jewelry to the list of things I want to perfect. Once I get my etsy store up and running (maybe this weekend?) I'll be adding these items and more. Tomorrow I am going to try and figure out the sewing machine I got earlier this week... maybe I'll actually make something worthy of posting? We shall have to see LOL

I just have to say... I"m LOVING my life right now :D

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